How to take a screenshot of PopClip

Some people want to communicate about PopClip visually to others but are frustrated by PopClip’s default behavior — it disappears when you try to take a screenshot. If you have this problem, you can quickly grab a screenshot of your own PopClip bar by following the process described below.

In Terminal, enter:

defaults write com.pilotmoon.popclip ScreenshotMode -bool YES

then Quit and restart PopClip. Now you can use ⌘⇧4 to take a shot, and PopClip won’t disappear when you press the keys.

When you’ve done with screenshots and want to go back to normal:

defaults write com.pilotmoon.popclip ScreenshotMode -bool NO

p.s., If you try it, feel free to share your PopClip bar below.

This terminal command works as advertised for ⌘⇧4. However, PopClip still disappears when taking a screenshot with ⌘⇧5.

Is there a way to keep PopClip in a screenshot taken with ⌘⇧5?

Screenshot with ⌘⇧5 works OK for me, on Sonoma 14.3.1.

What behaviour are you seeing?