How to update PopClip?

topic split from another post -Nick
awesome thank you so much

i dont find the answer in docs, how are we suppposed to update popclip? i have it set to automatically update but it doesnt update (still on previous version )

It can take 24hrs to notice the update on its own, Because it only checks once a day.

But if you uncheck and recheck the check for updates checkbox, it should prompt it to check straight away

Try quit and restart as well if that doesn’t work.

I’m going to add a proper check for updates button soon.

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ticking and unticking was working. it did just work though, after i ticked unticked and quit/open 5 times, kinda erractic hahahah

thanks ! do you officially maintain brew repo ? or aint it you

Recently I’ve been updating the brew repo on new version release myself. Sometimes I forget, and someone else does it :slight_smile:

That said I can’t claim to be maintainer, it was created by someone else originally. It looks like there’ve been several contributors over the years.