How to use Popclip to "superscript or subscript" text

like this
Screenshot 2023-02-22 at 1.43.36 PM

Can’t be done – and I’ve tried really hard!

The best you can do is get PopClip to press whatever key does Subscript or Superscript in that app.

Use the following snippets to create new shortcuts. If you are new to extension snippets, just highlight the text block for each snippet separately and popclip will automatically detect you want to add an extension and give you an option in the pop-up after highlighting the snippet.

#popclip snippet to change to superscript in MS word
name: Super
title: Super
required apps: []
key combo: cmd shift =
#popclip snippet to change to subscript in MS word
name: Sub
title: Sub
required apps: []
key combo: cmd =

EDIT: these shortcuts are specific to MS word
EDIT 2: I just learned how to make this snippet app-specific and so I added a line to make it specific for MS Word. You can remove the required apps line to make it work system-wide but as Nick mentioned below, the shortcut will not work with other apps if they don’t support the same commands.

Thanks @yazan-abbas!

It’s worth noting that this will be specific to a certain app since different apps have different shortcuts for super/subscript. For example in Pages you’ll need control cmd +. And some apps don’t have shortcuts for superscript at all.

Which app does this one work in?

Oh of course thanks for pointing that out. Those shortcuts are for MS word.

EDIT: I updated the snippet and also just learned I can make it app specific and modified the snippet accordingly

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