Idea: Craft Notes

I’d benefit from a Craft extension so I could send text to my daily note


Thanks for the suggestion @Matthew_Atkins and welcome to the forum.


They do have an api now: Introducing Craft X


Nice! Welcome to the forum @Z1nonly

Hi Nick. I just wanted to add my voice here. I would love to have a PopClip extension that works with Craft. Right now, I am using Bear for this, and then every couple days exporting from Bear to Craft. Crazy work around, but since I am not a developer - I do what I can. :slight_smile:

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Creating an account on the forums just to support this sugestion. Craft is a great tool and it the popclip extension would be a great addition.

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Kinda possible with Shortcuts on Mac:

name: Add to Craft
icon: iconify:jam:write
shortcut name: Add to Craft



This is great, thanks!

Hi there, new user, WHY DID IT TAKE ME SO LONG?! Great tool.
I’d like to add my voice to a Craft extension. I use the above workaround but would like a native solution so it can pull data from Chrome.

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Thanks, this is awesome!

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