Idea: Numbers to Words / Words to Numbers

Hi, there! I feel like I might have mentioned this once, but I can’t find my post in the Forum archive: I am often replacing words for numbers (10 → ten) and vice versa, and a shortcut/toggle has always been on my wish list. I dug this up today while looking for a different MS Word resource, so in case the logic is transferrable, it’s a Word macro (by Allen Wyatt) for at least half of the operation (the numbers to words part). Hope it’s relevant!

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Adjacent to this would be an option to likewise convert Arabic numerals to Roman numerals (but mostly vice versa). Possible?

I use a ChatGPT PopClip extension for this purpose. If you’re interested, I’d be happy to post the program code here.

Perhaps these web pages provide the JavaScript code that you need (or can modify) to write the first part of your extension, namely number → word(s):

And perhaps this will get you started on the second part, words → number: