InstantTranslate doesnt work anymore

so i am using PopClip for a while now (i am on version 2022.5, macos monterey), but since 2 days the instanttranslate doesnt work anymore. since there wasnt an update i dont know why. when i select a text and i click on translate it just “searches” for a short time, then gives me a “X” and a short sound.
can somebody help we to find the problem?
i am glad for every help!

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Welcome to the forum, @ambianceambiance. I don’t know of an issue with the current extension but a previous version of the extension did not work anymore. Can you, first of all, make sure you also have the latest version of the Instant Translate extension from (Instant Translate — PopClip Extensions).

Unfortunately, there isn’t currently a way to check which version you have so to do this, you’ll need to download and reinstall the extension.

Hi, thank you for your answer.
I downloaded the latest version, and also reinstalled everything. But it hasnt changed. Its really strange, because it worked ever since, and i didnt made any updates at all.

One thing that you can do is option(⌥)-click the PopClip menu bar icon to reveal a debug window. Then record a short screen video (with QuickTime Player or similar) showing the fault and with the debug window showing. Then send me the vid - if it’s a big file, you can use Dropbox - Submit files

I just wanted to do that, but now it is working again - so i have no bug anymore ::
really strange behaviour - but thank you for your help!
i will come back again to report if i notice any trouble again.

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Perhaps it was just a temporary problem with Microsoft’s servers, or maybe with your internet connection to them.