Is popclip free under Apple's family plan?

I purchased the Popclip license from Apple Store. For almost all other apps I purchased, my family can install that without paying for that again.

Seems this does not work for Popclip, is this a technical glitch from App Store or part of the licensing condition?

Hi, Apple’s Family Sharing scheme only works with subscriptions and in-app purchase content, it doesn’t work with up-front paid apps. Because PopClip is a paid app it is unfortunately not eligible for family sharing.

@nick I believe that’s incorrect. Family Sharing should definitely be possible for (upfront) paid apps as well. According to the App Store listing Popclip is already enabled for Family Sharing.

(screenshot in Dutch, apologies)

@Fuzzygel You sure you enabled “Share my Purchases” in your account? (support article)

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Oh that’s great, thanks @JeanPaulH . I thought it was just for in-apps. Perhaps Apple support may be able to help -

thanks both @JeanPaulH and @nick

I shall seek support from Apple as the family sharing works will all apps I purchased except Popclip. This is strange

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Please let us know if you get it figured out, I’m sure it will be helpful to others.

just an update. After one hour of iMessage chatting with the support team and then the senior support consultant. They still do not understand why I cannot do family share. They will escalate the issue to their engineering team for further investigation.

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final update. Another Apple senior adviser called and directed me to a roundabout way to download popclip from my own log in to App Store. It seems that Mac App Store works differently from that on IOS.

However, there is still a corruption in my wife’s account that that the payment option is shown differently from web log in to that on the Mac (app store) itself. This has nothing to do with popclip but may the root cause of my wife not able to get the app for free. Apple still have not resolved this, pending further investigation.

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