Issue with Safari "Compact" Tab Layout

I faced an issue of having a sound of “Dot” when I switching tab between websites I visiting.

I tried to find the answer to know which apps causing this issue.

The issue is dissappeared after I closed your app.

May I know does anyone has this issue also?

Thank you

CleanShot 2023-03-01 at 15.13.42@2x

Hi, I’ve tried turning on compact view, but I do not hear any sounds when switching tabs.

Can you describe in more detail what you are doing when the sound happens? Are you switching tabs by clicking the tabs or using a different way? Is there any selected text on the page? And the sound you call “dot”, is it an error sound?

Also what version of macOS and Safari?

Actually it was not always to occur, just sometimes.

I switching the tabs by one by one, It was occurred yesterday and just now, but now I am trying, it is not any sound.

Sorry for disturbing, if the issue occur again, I will contact you if the error is really related to you app.

I am using macOS 13.2.1 and Safari version is 16.3.

It’s an error sound, but I don’t know which app was trigger it.

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Testing by today,

I am sure this app causing this issue, due to I quit the app to test, but after I quit, the sound has disappeared.

and also, I uninstalled the app to test, but after reinstalling it, the sound has come again.

I’ve switched my Safari to Compact mode, so I hope to catch it doing it.


Thanks for response.

The issue has been fixed after restarting the OS.

Thank you.