Javascript Not Working on Monterey 12.3 Beta


This snippet had been working well for some time. I upgraded to Monterey 12.3 Beta recently and the Javascript code is ignored. Thoughts?

# popclip extension to copy with source link
name: Copy with Link
before: copy
after: preview-result
javascript: |
  if (popclip.context.browserUrl.length > 0) {
    pasteboard.text =  '\"' + pasteboard.text.trim() + '\"' + '\n\n' + popclip.context.browserUrl;
    return pasteboard.text

Its working OK for me on 12.3 Beta 21E5196i.

Can you give a bit more detail - what exactly is happening when you invoke the extension?

Well somehow it has started working again now… very puzzling but not the first time something like this has happened to a computer :slight_smile:

I will let you know if it changes.


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