Lots of extensions - expand the list

There are so many useful and fantastic extensions… But I don’t need them all the time…

It would great to be able to pick a core set, then have something at the end of the line e.g. ‘…’ that would expand the selection to bring in the extensions that are really useful, but might not use them all the time.! (Especially now that we have the fantastic hot-key option!

Screenshot 2021-11-24 at 10.55.40|690x97


I’m already seeing this? If not all extensions fit the Popclip popover, then a little triangle appears at the end with all the currently hidden extensions. The popover seems to be responsive (auto-width) and is smart enough to know which extensions fit. If you want more important extensions always to appear first, you can easily drag/drop sort the order via PopClip settings.

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I will need to dig up my tweet from a few years ago asking for multiple bars to appear when there are enough extensions to show.

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I agree some kind of organsed expansion would be great. If you want a few more for now
there’s a brute quantity approach via some Terminal commands to set hidden prefs:

defaults write com.pilotmoon.popclip MaxNumberOfExtensions -int 50
(default 30)

defaults write com.pilotmoon.popclip MenuSizeLimit -int 25
(default 16 - this is the size of the first menu before the “more” button)

then Quit and restart PopClip.


To be honest; I’d love to have some spacers and/or separators, sort of how you’d separate Dock items (source)


This is very helpful - thanks

Is there a master list of hidden preferences somewhere?

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No but I keep promising people I’ll compile one…


Have done this but I have more than 12 extensions and even no second bar. is there something else I can do ?Processing: 2021-11-26_15-20-02.snagproj…

It may be that some of the extensions aren’t showing because they aren’t relevant to the selected text or context

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Perhaps some of the organizational choices that Bartender offers for managing overflowing menu bar items can be applied to managing sets of PopClip extensions.

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I suppose that it’s obvious to everyone else what MaxNumberOfExtensions and MenuSizeLimit refer to, but it isn’t to me.

Would some please explain what portion of the user interface is controlled by each of these limits?

Thank you.

MaxNumberOfExtensions is the maximum number of extensions allowed to be installed.
MenuSizeLimit is the number of actions shown on the first ‘row’ of PopClip’s pop-up.

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Should this work as is with the Setapp release? MenuSizeLimit does not seem to.

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Everything should work the same, except that for Setapp edition, you will need to replace:




in all defaults commands.

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That did the trick. Thanks!

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