Mechanism to send text to PopClip

Hello Nick,

Is there a way to pass text to Popclip from an other application (like TextSnipper for exemple, which allows to capture text from images and put it in the Clipboard) ?

That means you would get the text from the Clipboard and then invoke Popclip. That would be a configuration option. Does this makes sens ?

Thank you,

I thought this Keyboard Maestro macro would do it. The hotkeys work but the TextSniper trigger does not work. Maybe someone can suggest a way to tweak this better.

Other than the AppleScript to make PopClip appear (as @rkaplan posted above), there isn’t currently any mechanism to send stuff into PopClip.

Note that the “appear” command operates on the current selection in the current app, so it wouldn’t work for text that’s just on the clipboard. (I have been thinking for a while though, it would be nice if PopClip could apply its actions to the clipboard contents when invoked with an empty selection.)