My paid license from the App Store, now showing Trial Expired

Mac Studio 2023, Sonoma 14.1.1

Please advise.

Thank you

My standalone app that I paid for is also showing Trial Expired.

@igregwalker , you are running the Standalone edition of PopClip. Please delete it download it from the Mac App Store.

@bso801, you need to find your license key and install it by double-clicking it

EDIT: Nick replied to my email and just instructed me to quit Popclip, trash the app and re-install it via the AppStore. My settings and extensions were intact as he said they would be. Thanks @nick!

@nick I think I know what happened. On my old Mac, I believe I purchased and installed it via the AppStore as shown by this screenshot:

But for some reason, on my new Mac which I got back in February, I installed the standalone PopClip app. Weird that it’s been working fine this whole time though.

Can you tell me how I can switch to the AppStore version without losing my settings and extensions?

When you run the Mac App Store version, PopClip stores its own copy your Mac App Store proof of purchase in iCloud. The Standalone version reads that and unlocks itself, even on your new Mac. However, sometimes the old MAS receipt expires or can’t be validated. (It’s sometimes mysterious why … maybe Apple certificate expiry, etc.) It then needs a fresh install from the Mac App Store to get a new receipt.

The reason I added it to iCloud is that many people would do just what you did – install the Standalone edition on their new Mac even though they bought on Mac App Store originally. Then I would often get an email “I already bought this, why is it asking to buy it again?” or “I can’t find my license key” etc… I had a saved reply to say “please delete and reinstall from the Mac App Store”. This went on for years and years, one or two such emails a week typically.

Eventually, I came up with this iCloud solution so the Standalone install would just quietly work, even on a fresh Mac. It worked and the emails stopped.

So, almost seamless, except then this happens and it’s even more confusing for the user… :upside_down_face:, and I get 50 emails all at once. :smiley:

Back to the drawing board …

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Quit standalone PopClip, drag to trash, install App Store edition. Settings and externsions will not be affected.

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