Need append action that removes previous clipboard

Hi, currently append action creates another clipboard with appended text. This creates multiple text entries in the clipboard management app (pastepal).

Is there a way I can use append and for every action it removes past clipboard so only 1 clipboard remains.

Probably this could be done by 1) saving clipboard as a variable 2) clearing clipboard 3)again setting clipboard with variable + popclip text

name: Appendd
icon: a
applescript: |
  set firstPart to the clipboard
  set the clipboard to ""
  set secondPart to "{popclip text}"
  set the clipboard to firstPart & "\n" & secondPart

Edit: I feel this is limitation of pastepal as they keep memory of all clipboard so unable to clear it. If anyone finds a solution do suggest.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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You’re right. If pastepal had some callable command to tell it to clear the clipboard it could be done.