New extension: Open in Browser

Open URLs in a specific browser. This extension is an “all in one” to replace the previous separate extensions.

Download: Open in Browser — PopClip Extensions

New browsers can be added be editing the browsers.json file and adding an icon into the icons folder. Pull requests are welcome.

Readme from repo:

Open in Browser

Open the selected URL(s) in a specific browser.

Download: OpenInBrowser.popclipextz


The extension adds an action for each of the following browsers:

  • Safari

  • Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Brave

  • DuckDuckGo

  • Edge

  • Opera

  • Vivaldi

The actions appear only when the selected text contains one or more web URL. All URLs in the selections will be opened, in separate tabs.

When selecting a URL inside a browser, the action for opening in that browser will not appear.


Each browser action has an checkbox to show or hide it in the PopClip popup.


This is an extension for PopClip.


Nick Moore


Icons from Iconify (Font Awesome Brands, Simple Icons).


Requires PopClip 2022.5




  • Initial release


  • Add DuckDuckGo browser.

  • Fix “app not found” messages for browsers that aren’t installed.


Thanks for it!
Will it be possible to manage the multiple profiles on Edge (or Chrome)?

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You mean like different user profiles within the browser? I don’t think it would fit in this extension but I guess it must be possible. If anyone has a method, feel free to post (please start a new thread for it).

Just updated it to add DuckDuckGo to the list.

Also added Orion and Arc browsers.

By the way, do check out Orion. I’m loving it. It’s extremely light, snappy and user-respectful.

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Hello dear developer,
I have already tried to contact you once via e-mail (different address than the one I used to register here) … but it seems that it got lost somewhere - however … now this way:

I would like to make you a suggestion for PopClip extension »OpenInBrowser«.
It would be fantastic if you could also select/enable the new »Mullvad Browser« there.
Tried once to change the extension itself accordingly and opened it with »CotEditor« … unfortunately, however, I found that I am completely overwhelmed with it … had hoped that would have been a little easier, since I’m not a programmer, unfortunately.

Thanks a lot!

With kind regards picco

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Hi, thanks for the suggestion, I did get the email as well, but I was a bit slack replying last week. I’ll take a look next week :+1:

Just to add, new browsers are added by editing this file.

Thank you for the reply and at the same time sorry for my delayed response.

I understood that I should change a corresponding file …

but this is where my problems start:

  1. Where can I find this file? I have searched everywhere on my Mac for it … even under hidden files … but unfortunately not found.

  2. I think the change should look like this later (if still found):

“name”: “mullvad”,
“bundleId”: “com.mullvad.Mullvad”,
“icon”: “icons/simple-icons-mullvad.svg”,
“link”: “

2a)… but where can I find the exact wording of the “bundleId”? Or can you just write it in as changed?

2b) “icon” …Where can I find the corresponding icon?

2c) “link” … can I just put the web link of the website in there?

Also came across the GitHub website during my internet research on the problem … but don’t know my way around here either … also do not know how GitHub works.

As you can see, I am not a developer/programmer, but a pure user… Your description to the change looks quite simple at first sight … but I am just overwhelmed with it … sorry.

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I’ve updated the extension to add Mullvad and Tor Browser.

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Many, many thanks!

I am so happy that Mullvad and Tor are now also included … I would never have been able to do that myself somehow.

Thank you soooooo much! :slight_smile:

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I used to use individual “Open in Browser” extensions to open URLs and Hyperlinks in another browser. I was simply selecting a hyperlink or an image containing a URL, and PopClip was showing me the option to open it in my preferred browser. Also, I could select a paragraph containing a few URLs and I had the option of opening them all in the selected browser at once.

This new extension is great that combines the functionality for all browsers, but its functionality is very limited as we should select the exact URL in text format to be able to open it in a new browser. Is there any way that we can select hyperlinks (image or text) or a text bock containing URLs and be able to open them in our preferred browser?

The functionality to look behind the HTML links was not actually a part of the extension but a core ability of PopClip. However, for technical reasons I removed this from a PopClip update several years ago. I’d like to bring this back eventually in a modified form.

Can you add “Waterfox” next time you update this extension? There’s ‘no rush’ just next time you work on it again. Thanks again for your excellent app and support.

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Thanks for your note. This was one of the very helpful features. I am looking forward to seeing it back. Is there any timeline in your mind for bringing it back? Thank you!

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I’m afraid my mind doesn’t work like that. There is SO VERY MUCH that I want to achieve with this app and you can imagine the frustration of not being able to do it all at once. I could show you my bugs, ideas features lists which runs into multiple hundreds of items. And that’s not including the ideas just in my head. So, all I can do I pick one thing at a time and work on that till it’s done. And then work on the next thing. And then see where we get to.

Hi @PriPro, I’ve added Waterfox now. See updated extension at Open in Browser — PopClip Extensions

      "name": "LibreWolf",
      "bundleId": "org.mozilla.librewolf",
      "icon": "iconify:game-icons:wolf-howl",
      "link": ""
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      "name": "Thorium",
      "bundleId": "org.chromium.Thorium",
      "icon": "iconify:lucide:chrome",
      "link": ""
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this extension still lead my IINA extension don’t work :upside_down_face:

name: IINA
icon: iconify:solar:play-bold-duotone
requirements: [url]
javascript: |
  popclip.openUrl([0], {app: 'com.colliderli.iina'})