New features for consideration - folders and modes

Just starting out and going through the list of available extensions produced a huge list of things I would like to have available. I came up with two ways to do it, though they are not mutually exclusive.

The first is folders, which would open up a pop-clip line above (or below) the one that is currently shown.

The second is modes, where you can configure modes that have different extensions available. For example, when I am doing web research/browsing, there are some extensions I would want with higher priority (beginning of the list). I would have a different configuration for when I am coding; writing email; working with specific apps, etc.

So far, I am enjoying the product and I am getting ready to write a few extensions for Pagico.

Thanks for creating a very cool product that is instantly useful.


P.S. If there isn’t a keyboard shortcut for toggling pop-clip on and off, there should be. There may already be such a shortcut, but I didn’t see it on my first couple of passes. I raise this because I think Pop-Clip was preventing Confluence from providing me a comment window because that feature is triggered by clicking on text and waiting. No biggie, just a thought.

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There is! I think it’s in preferences. I have it set to Hyper-P (Command-Shift-Control-Option, mapped to the caps-lock key). Super useful in Electron apps and Google browser apps, which can be problematic otherwise. Also useful if I’m just too slow to get my mouse to the palette before it vanishes

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There is the built-in shortcut for triggering PopClip to appear, but there isn’t one built in to turn on/off.

Couple of suggestions though:

  • You could set up your own shortcut to toggle PopClip on/off using Automator, Keyboard Maestro, BTT, Alfred etc. etc. via AppleScript. The script is: tell application "PopClip" to set enabled to not enabled

  • You could exclude PopClip from the Confluence application, by adding it to the excluded apps list. (It will still be triggerable from the keyboard shortcut when needed.)

As for this and the folders suggestion, these are great ideas and indeed I am hearing similar ideas from users more and more. I’d definitely like to tackle something along these lines. At the moment its a case of I just have to work on one thing at a time and get there eventuallty.

I’m keen to try the idea of an automatic usage-based ordering so the most used extensions appear first. And this could be contextual per app (or per group of apps).

That and lots and lots of other ideas. Its incredibly frustrating that the scope of exectuion falls so far behind what I have wanted to achieve… if it worked like I see it in my head, well…

Anyway, thanks for the kind words and welcome to the forum @akonsta !

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Thanks for the tips on the toggling, Your suggestions have given me a couple things to try.

I know the feeling about too many ideas and not enough time. On the positive side, you have clearly created a very useful product and it is inspiring people to make it even more powerful.

Thanks for responding so quickly. I will be telling my friends about PopClip.


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Thanks! I will give it a try.