New features for extension developers in PopClip 2021.11

For those of you who have a tendency to develop your own extensions, I have now updated the extensions documentation README to reflect the latest PopClip 2021.11.

There is also a new CHANGELOG file which describes all the changes in some detail.

The tl;dr is that you don’t have to do anything different - everything is backwards compatible - but you may choose to use some new features.

The most notable recent changes:

  • Can use JSON or YAML for config file, instead of Plist.
  • Can specify icons as SF Symbols or as a special text format (see picture below).
  • Can use SVG icons.
  • Some fields renamed, and many previously required fields are now optional.
  • Added Shortcuts and JavaScript actions types.

Generally I have been working to simplify and modernise everything, whilst keeping backward compatibility with the nearly 10 years of existing extensions that are out there (extensions have been a thing since May 2012).

This documentation brings everything up to date for PopClip 2021.11, with the exception that it now remains for me to publish the documentation for the new JavaScript extensions.