New PopClip website

PopClip has a brand new website at

The new site includes:

  • A fully revamped user guide, expanded and entirely rewritten.

  • Updated and reorganised developer documentation, which now replaces the previous docs on GitHub.

  • An upgraded extensions directory with search capabilities and an enhanced presentation for extensions.

  • Mobile-friendly responsive design with dark mode.

Gone are the days of navigating through a mix of web pages spread across various domains and designs from the past decade. With this unified site, information is now easier to access, and future updates will be more streamlined.

I’ve tried to ensure that existing links to the old pages redirect to their new counterparts, so please tell me if you come across any dead links.

Completing this project has been a huge task for me. I feel like I’ve finally given PopClip the website it deserves.


It must have been a lot of work, but it was worth it! Thank you for the new documentation, I am sure there are new aspects to discover.

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Congratulations Nick! It looks great! Super easy to navigate and beautifully responsive.

What a great opportunity to re-read the documentation in comfort! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I think the left ( are missing.

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Looks good, congratulations.

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I really like the new site; it’s both visually attractive and easy to navigate (what more could you ask from a website?). Thanks and congrats!

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Along with DefaultFolder and a clipboard manager, this is one of my most-used extensions. I appreciate all the work you’ve put into it!

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Amazing! Thank you very much. I use this app almost every minute of every day. :wink:

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Congratulations, it looks really nice!

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Good job! Big upgrade!

The PopClip Extensions Directory page is now prettier at the expense of much longer to scroll. Nav buttons at the top to jump to sections would be nice and it’s polish on top of what is already nice.

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Thank you. The intention with the new directory was not prettiness but functionality.

The filter box is added, for quickly getting to an extension by name. I hope to improve the organizing/filtering capabilities further in future, too, including links to quickly get to categories.

I was of the mind that this kind of search/filtering was needed before significant further expansion of the directory could proceed. A single linear list could not keep expanding forever.

But this is still “version 1” of the new directory, with much to be improved. Thanks for the feedback!

We each see what we’re looking for. Good design checks all the boxes :wink:.

Nice to hear the intention to significantly expand the available extention options. I’ll re-up my vote to integrate with Keyboard Maestro and add an integration with BetterTouchTool wouldn’t hurt either. An option for those two extremely versatile tools to have the contextual menu as an UI would be killer and benefit all.

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Today, I’ve published an updated Extensions Directory design with twice the number of entries on screen at once.



Well, that totally handles the information density per page suggestion, thank you!

Further suggestions: add a link on some extensions that downloads the extension as a text block to be used as a base for further customizing. i.e., The paste and match style could be edited to paste and make all bold or italic, or paste and press enter could be paste and type tab or type a dash and a space.

Lastly, could a built-in extension be added that takes you to this extension page when clicked (without all the actions needed to get there via the menu item), and does the app have permission to allow downloaded extensions to be added directly without downloading and then opening the download as separate steps or are things too sandboxed?

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You read my mind; I think that will be awesome, too! The website backend should be able to generate a snippet representation of most extensions automatically. It’s just going to take a bit of work to get there – right now, I’m focusing on opening up the backend for users to contribute extensions to the directory. It’s all a bit of glue-and-string at the backend at the moment, with the source data still coming from the old PHP site. I’m in the process of replacing that with a new database-backed API.

That’'s also something I would like to have, and I think it should be possible. Just needs a few steps to get there.

I’ve been reluctant to have one built in as it will take away valuable “rack space” … but this will do it!

name: Visit Directory
icon: iconify:mingcute:plugin-2-fill
requirements: []
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Yes rack space is critical and I’ve opened it up to the max. Thank you for this, perfect icon.

I just came back here to add another ‘next level’ idea. How about a full blown PopClip editor like in Keyboard Maestro or BetterTouchTool? I recognize this is a BIG ask and ‘In for a penny…’

A full-blown in-app editor would be a LONG way down the line, if ever. However, a web-based extension creator/editor tool is very high on my todo list.

Can I suggest some sort of portfolio of Snippets?

I am guessing that the % of users who are likely to write their own Snippets is coinsiderably larger than those who are likely to write their own full extensions.

There are many snippet examples in this forum which are really helpful for learning purposes, even if I do not use the original snippets. If these were regularly collected/curated as part of your website that would likelky be a really useful resource - and less work than a full-blown editor since you really don’t need such an editor for snippets.