Niche bug with Dvorak keyboard, activating Email This Page instead of Copying

This only applies to people using PopClip with the “Dvorak - QWERTY ⌘” keyboard layout, so I wouldn’t expect it to be a high priority. Also, I wonder if it might be down to Apple and can’t be fixed, but here goes…

If I select the default “Copy” popup option in PopClip while using Safari, the macOS Mail client opens and creates a new email with the webpage, it doesn’t Copy.

The “Dvorak - QWERTY ⌘” layout, part of macOS, is a sort of hybrid input that sends the normal QWERTY keys when function keys are used. What seems to be happening is that when I use the “Copy” button it’s activating the “Email This Page” command, which is on ⌘I. Pressing the I key when using Dvorak gives C. So it’s as if something is mapping the Copy popup button back to ⌘I on keyboard, and then activating that command instead.

I haven’t as far as I know had anything like this using any other app with the keyboard layout. I think it only applies to Safari, too. Copy works in other apps, so it’s not sending ⌘I everywhere.

[By the way - and this part is completely a macOS irritation, nothing to do with PopClip - I’d turn this keyboard command off as a workaround if I could, but I can’t seem to do this because the usual way to remap a keyboard shortcut needs a menu command to work, and the “Email This Page” isn’t in any Safari menus (it’s on the Share button and the keyboard shortcut only).]

Thank you

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An interesting one. This rang a bell and sure enough, I know issues with this keyboard layout were reported in the distant past, and at one point I got it working (see relnotes from PopClip 1.3… :slight_smile: ) but I haven’t had to touch anything anything to do with the keyboard layouts since that time. So, I guess something has changed. I’ll make a note to dig deep into the code to figure out what is going on!

I’ve figured it out.

When using a regular DVORAK keyboard, PopClip correctly detects it and presses the right key codes for that layout.

But when using the “QWERTY ⌘” variant, PopClip has to press the QWERTY version of the key because it’s pressing it with ⌘. This doesn’t happen automatically, so PopClip needs to adjust specially.

PopClip checks for this keyboard layout by looking at the keyboard layout name:

- (NSNumber *)keyCodeForChar:(NSString *)character
    if ([[self.keyboardLayoutName lowercaseString] isEqualToString:@"dvorak - qwerty ⌘"]) {
        if ([character isEqualToString:@"X"]) {
            return @7;
        else if ([character isEqualToString:@"C"]) {
            return @8;            
        else if ([character isEqualToString:@"V"]) {
            return @9;            
    NSNumber *result=_charToKeyCode[character];
    NMLogFine(@"got %@ for char %@ from dict", result, character);
    return result;

For years, it worked, but now it doesn’t. The reason? Apple changed the dash in the layout name from a hyphen - (ASCII/UTF-8 2D) to an en dash (UTF-8 bytes E28093). So the string match broke.

I’ll roll out a beta soon with a fix; however, I’m deep in some other changes at the moment so I won’t be able to do it for a bit.


Thanks again. There’s nothing like the response you get from a single-person app, amazing.

So you have to map a copy command back to ⌘I for this keyboard layout, that’s interesting.

It occurs to me that the intersection of Popclip and Dvorak maybe isn’t as niche as I was assuming.

Thank you


One of the interesting things about making an app — especially one that integrates closely with the system and with other apps and services — is that I get to learn about all the niche and unusual apps and configurations people use. If PopClip breaks it, I usually find out eventually. :slight_smile:


I’ve released beta “Build 4430” here, which should fix this. If you get a chance to try it please let me know.

For interest here’s the new function that replaces the above. Much more robust now.

- (NSNumber *)keyCodeForChar:(NSString *)character commandDown:(BOOL)commandDown
    if (commandDown&&[self.inputSourceId isEqualToString:@""]) {
        return [[NMKeyConverter qwertyKeyConverter] keyCodeForChar:character commandDown:NO];
    return _charToKeyCode[character];