"Notion" extension available to test

Hi, I’ve had many requests for a PopClip extension for the notes/organiser app Notion.

I’ve recently been working on this I’m looking for a few people to test it and let me know if it’s working OK.

To install:

  1. Install PopClip Beta. I’ve had to make some updates to PopClip itself to get it to work, so to use this need to install PopClip Build 3946 (or later) from PopClip Downloads.

  2. The Notion extension is here:

Please post to say whether it works for you (especially does the sign-in flow work) and any feedback you have about it.

Here’s a draft changelog:


Append clipped text to a note in Notion.

Download: Notion.popclipextz


The extension works with Notion, a popular web-based notes app. It will send the selected text (including formatting and links) to a Notion page of your choice along with the clip’s source reference and capture date.


  • Page Name: Specify the name of a page in Notion, to which this extension will append content. The name must exactly match (including case) the name of a page in your Notion workspace, to which PopClip has been granted access.


This is an extension for PopClip.


Nick Moore


This extension uses the JavaScript library martian, to convert Markdown to Notion’s custom Rich Text format.

The SVG icon is from WikiMedia Commons.


Requires PopClip Build 3946 and a Notion account.



3 Nov 2022 Test version release

Very useful, thank you!!!

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I found that there are occasional cases where it cannot be excerpted, macOS 13.

The ‘pilotmoon/PopClip-Extensions’ repository doesn’t contain the ‘source/Notion.popclipext’ path in ‘master’.

I’ve fixed the Github Source link, thanks for the feedback. Any more details on those cases where it cannot be excerpted?

mac 12.5
popclip 3963
Notion.popclipextz from this page link
1、restart popclip
2、select text and click notion icon
3、prompt me to log in
4、click login notion
5、loding … loding… loding… Forever

this is issue or is my usage incorrect ? I need Notion :blush:

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After you click “Log In”, Notion’s authorisation web page should open in your default browser. Not happening?

Ulp … mea culpa. The latest beta had a bug. Updating now; will be Build 3967. Should be updated very soon (PopClip Downloads or uncheck and re-check “Check for updates” in the app).