Ollama Local LLM Extension

I’ve been using PopClip well.

I recently installed Ollama locally to replace ChatGPT. Ollama is an LLM that you install locally and can be used like the link below.


I modified the ChatGPT popclip source to fix the api connection part.

// #popclip
// name: Ollama Chat
// icon: ollama.png
// identifier: js.popclip.extension.ollama.chat
// description: Send the selected text to Ollama LOCAL API and append the response.
// app: { name: Ollama, link: 'https://github.com/ollama/ollama/blob/main/docs/api.md' }
// popclipVersion: 4586
// keywords: Ollama chat
// entitlements: [network]

import axios from "axios";

export const options: Option[] = [
    identifier: "model",
    label: "Model",
    type: "multiple",
    defaultValue: "mistral",
    values: ["mistral", "another-model"],
    identifier: "systemMessage",
    label: "System Message",
    type: "string",
      "Optional system message to specify the behaviour of the AI agent.",
    identifier: "resetMinutes",
    label: "Reset Timer (minutes)",
    type: "string",
      "Reset the conversation if idle for this many minutes. Set blank to disable.",
    defaultValue: "15",
    identifier: "showReset",
    label: "Show Reset Button",
    type: "boolean",
    icon: "broom-icon.svg",
    description: "Show a button to reset the conversation.",

type OptionsShape = {
  resetMinutes: string;
  model: string;
  systemMessage: string;
  showReset: boolean;

// typescript interfaces for Ollama API
interface Message {
  role: "user" | "system" | "assistant";
  content: string;
interface Response {
  model: string;
  created_at: string;
  response: string;
  done: boolean;
  done_reason: string;
  context: Array<number>;
  total_duration: number;
  load_duration: number;
  prompt_eval_count: number;
  prompt_eval_duration: number;
  eval_count: number;
  eval_duration: number;

// the extension keeps the message history in memory
const messages: Array<Message> = [];

// the last chat date
let lastChat: Date = new Date();

// reset the history
function reset() {
  print("Resetting chat history");
  messages.length = 0;

// get the content of the last `n` messages from the chat, trimmed and separated by double newlines
function getTranscript(n: number): string {
  return messages
    .map((m) => m.content.trim())

// the main chat action
const chat: ActionFunction<OptionsShape> = async (input, options) => {
  const ollama = axios.create({
    baseURL: "http://localhost:11434/api",

  // if the last chat was long enough ago, reset the history
  if (options.resetMinutes.length > 0) {
    const resetInterval = parseInt(options.resetMinutes) * 1000 * 60;
    if (new Date().getTime() - lastChat.getTime() > resetInterval) {

  if (messages.length === 0) {
    // add the system message to the start of the conversation
    let systemMessage = options.systemMessage.trim();
    if (systemMessage) {
      messages.push({ role: "system", content: systemMessage });

  // add the new message to the history
  messages.push({ role: "user", content: input.text.trim() });

  // send the whole message history to Ollama
  try {
    const { data }: { data: Array<Response> } = await ollama.post("/generate", {
      model: options.model || "mistral",
      prompt: getTranscript(messages.length),
      format: "json",
      stream: false,

    // combine the responses
    const combinedResponse = data.response;

    // add the response to the history
    messages.push({ role: "assistant", content: combinedResponse });
    lastChat = new Date();

    // if holding shift and alt, paste just the response.
    // if holding shift, copy just the response.
    // else, paste the last input and response.
    if (popclip.modifiers.shift && popclip.modifiers.option) {
    } else if (popclip.modifiers.shift) {
    } else {
  } catch (e) {

export function getErrorInfo(error: unknown): string {
  if (typeof error === "object" && error !== null && "response" in error) {
    const response = (error as any).response;
    return `Message from Ollama (code ${response.status}): ${response.data.error.message}`;
  } else {
    return String(error);

// export the actions
export const actions: Action<OptionsShape>[] = [
    title: "Chat",
    code: chat,
    title: "Reset Chat",
    icon: "broom-icon.svg",
    stayVisible: true,
    requirements: ["option-showReset=1"],
    code: reset,

When executed, the following error occurs

Only HTTPS connections are allowed, causing HTTP connections to fail. I was wondering if there is a workaround.

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The HTTPS restriction is due to App Transport Security. However, I think localhost non-TLS connections should be allowed for exactly this kind of use case. I beleive it’s possible to add an exception for localhost, but this will require a new app build. I will look into it.

Thank you for your quick check. We’ll test again once the fix has been applied.

I have just pushed an update (Build 4659) to PopClip Beta. If you get a chance to try it, please let me know it resolves the issue accessing http://localhost for you.

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The beta version works well. Local Ollama responded good. Thank you for your quick response.

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