Open in <browser> extensions not working (in latest beta)


I updated to the latest version today from 30th Nov. and I got a warning that the Open in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome extensions were not compatible with this version of PopClip. I let the install finish and then dowloaded the latest extensions from the website as I thought I needed to update them. When I try to update them I get the message in the screenshot. Any help/info would be appreciated. Thanks for making this great app!


CleanShot 2022-12-01 at 10.43.10

Oh, thanks for reporting this! Yes, I have released a new beta - Build 4046 - that changed some things about the way it loads shell scripts in extensions. I’ll have a look to see whats’s going on here.

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me too
some extensions broken just now ;(

New extension “Open in Browsers” fixes the problem.

Is it just the browser ones or are there others @kxxc ?

I have also just released beta Build 4052 which should fix the originally reported problem.

I can confirm that the new beta version allows me to install the separate extensions and that they also function as desired. The new Open in Browser extension also works fine.

Thanks for the quick fix!

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