Paste and Enter extension not working

I’m sorry @nick
but the Paste and Enter extension didn’t work this time.
showing me shaking X.

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Confirmed this affects latest beta. OK on 2024.3.2. Will fix – thank for reporting.

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Fixed in beta Build 4573.

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Using PopClip 2024.5.1 (4586) MacBook Air M1 - doesn’t do anything except enter after copying highlighted text using PopClip then going to another field and highlighting text and using PopClip again to use the Paste+Enter - I’m expecting the highlighted text to be replaced, and the enter key inputted. Instead the highlighted text does not get replaced, only the enter key is inserted. If I just use the other two PopClip paste functions (paste, and paste =), the text is replaced, without the enter key of course.

I’ve gone through all the usual trouble shooting items in the list, but can’t get this to work again. I remember at some point it did work - but no longer. Is there a more detailed structured check list to follow?

I was testing the paste+enter function in: Finder, Safari, and textedit. I did discover that when using textedit, paste and paste+= work correctly. When using the paste+enter function, the highlighted text is replaced with two (2) enters - changing the replace text on one line to two lines - 2x enter.

I’m going to try closing all programs running in the background to see what is causing this and see if I can isolate the program interfering, if at all.

Without anything running in the background that occur when starting up macOS (no login items etc), the problem is still reproducible. :cry:

Hi @MBehr!

Sorry for the trouble. This one is just literally a stupid error of mine which I’ve just looked in the code and facepalmed. When I posted “fixed” above I thought it was, but in fact it was just pressing enter.

But easily remedied – please install the updated version of Paste and Enter now at Paste and Enter — PopClip Extensions

Just tested, after removing the paste+enter extension, restarting PopClip, and adding the updated Paste+Enter extension.

Sadly no change - using my test text file, and copying one word (highlight and copy with PopClicp), and then highlighting another word, and selecting Paste+Enter, still inserts two returns/enters without the copied text. Something is still amiss @nick

Let me know how else I can assist.


Seems I hadn’t uploaded the new file to the server. I have double checked and updated it now. In case there is any server caching issue, I have also attached it to this post.

PasteAndEnter-updated.popclipextz (7.7 KB)

(Thankfully I am about to update the extensions directoty backend and extensions will actually have version numbers on them at long last…)

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Confirmed fixed and working. Thank you. Surprisingly this already worked on my iMac (intel) and still functions. Not sure why that is. But all good now.

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On your Intel Mac I suspect you may have had an even older version of the same extension which carried on working oblivious though everything like a little trooper :smiley:

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Hello folks,
thank you very much for these posts.
Had the same problem … I downloaded and installed the extension here from the post … now everything is working fine again!
THANK YOU!!! :grinning:

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I think it is necessary for me to always add some small error into every release just to test if people are still using the app :wink: