Paste popclip action doesn't show in IntelliJ IDE find input field

When I use IntelliJ IDE and select some text from a different application, then in IntelliJ open the “find in files” action, then double click to select all of the last entry in the findinfiles input box, the popclip toolbar shows but paste is not there only cut, copy and others.

If I do the same thing when editing a file (have something in the clipboard from another app) type Cmd+F for find, and double click to select all of the value in the find input box the paste does show in the popclip toolbar but clicking on the popclip paste, pastes into the open file being edited, not into the find input box.

I know IntelliJ fixed an issue with double pasting I don’t know if it’s related, or the the poclip team can confer with IntelliJ devs again to help resolve this.

I’m not aware that the double-paste problem has been fixed; as far as I know, it is still a problem as I have continued to receive reports. In fact, I intend to add JetBrains apps to PopClip’s excluded apps list by default in the next version. Do you have any info about the fix?

Thanks for the report about the other problem. However until I’m sure the double paste bug is solved I won’t go any further on it.

I haven’t seen the issue lately, so I assumed my last update of IntelliJ resolved it. I’ll keep an eye out to see if it occurs intermittently or not.

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