Pop up icon and text

I have dictionary, grammar check (via ChatGPT), and instant translate icons that pop up when I highlight text. The problem is that I don’t use some of them often, and I find that I have to hover the mouse to see what they do. I often click on dictionary when I actually need grammar check. Is there a way to display the name of the tool instead of just icons? It’s similar to how some menu bars allow us to show icons, text only, or both icons and text.

Not within the PopClip settings. If it’s an extension you have made yourself or that you can edit, you can just remove the icon from the extension though.

I’ll add this as an idea to my ideas pile!

Thank you for considering. Some of the extensions were made by me but I have since deleted the command - note to self, keep these commands for future!

Interestingly, Cut, Copy & Paste are text, not icons as they have their own settings page.

You can still find the source of any extensions you made yourself in the Extensions folder inside the Application Support folder – the folder’s location is as shown at Paths and identifiers | PopClip.

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Nice! Got them! Thank you.