PopClip 2022.5 released

PopClip 2022.5 is now available on the Mac App Store, and on the website downloads page.

What’s New :new:

This release focuses on fixes and improvements to your PopClip experience. It also adds capabilites that will allow new kinds of extensions in future.

  • Fixed bug where using the Select All extension could result in an endless spinner.
  • Fixed bug where PopClip might fail to pop up if you had set custom mouse pointer colors (in Accessibility preferences).
  • VoiceOver will now describe PopClip as “PopClip” instead of just “system dialog”.
  • PopClip can now appear for very large selections - up to 10 million characters. (Now you can Word Count the complete Shakespeare.)
  • Recognises the new DuckDuckGo browser for performing web searches.
  • Compatibility with PDF Expert 3.
  • Allows Formatting extension to work in Visual Studio Code.
  • Plus other small fixes. Thank you all for reporting things!

If you are heading to the Mac App Store to install the update, please take a moment to click a star rating :pray: :star:.

Changes for PopClip Extensions

:hammer_and_wrench: For extension developers and snippet makers, the Changelog is:


  • Added the ability to execute pre-compiled AppleScript .scpt files, and to invoke handlers within them with parameters.
  • Key Press extensions can now take an array of key combos, to press a sequence of keys.
  • Extended the key code string format to simplify specifying non-character keys, and raw key codes. For example: command tab.
  • Brought back the restore pasteboard field for actions.
  • Added a ‘test harness’ mode to PopClip, for testing your JavaScript code in the PopClip environment. Run as: /Application/PopClip.app/Contents/MacOS/PopClip runjs <filename>
  • Additions to the JavaScript programming environment:
    • Added RTF processing features (via RichText class object).
    • Added locale information to the util object.
    • Added a promise-based global function sleep (e.g. await sleep(1000)).
    • Supports the new key combo string format in the popclip.pressKey() method.
    • Improvements to the XMLHttpRequest implementation, including adding Blob and ArrayBuffer support.


  • For Key Press extensions, there is now a 100ms delay after each key press.
  • Updated the versions of some of the bundled npm libraries for JavaScript extensions. (There should be no breaking changes.)

I’ve updated the following post to describe the new “Key Combo string format” mentioned above: