PopClip 2023.9 released

PopClip 2023.9 is now available on the Mac App Store, on Setapp and on the PopClip website.

What’s new

  • Added: Improved link detection. PopClip now detects links in text without an http:// or https:// prefix for all the newer top-level domains, e.g. .shop, .news, .coffee.
  • Added: In Arc browser, extensions now get the page URL and title.
  • Added: Basic support for Waterfox browser.
  • Changed: The menu bar icon is a little bit smaller.
  • Changed: The minimum system requirement is now macOS 10.15 Catalina.
  • Fixed: Appears more consistently when selecting text in particular apps, including Obsidian, VS Code, Notion, Ulysses and others.
  • Fixed: Various bug fixes. Gotta squash 'em all.

In addition, there are new features for extension developers, including TypeScript support, which you can read about in the Developer Changelog.

Version information

  • App: PopClip, https://www.popclip.app/
  • Version: 2023.9
  • Build numbers: 4225 (Standalone edition, Setapp edition) and 1004226 (Mac App Store edition)
  • Release date: 19 Sep 2023
  • Requirements: macOS version 10.15.7 and above; Apple Silicon or Intel processor.

Installing the update

Mac App Store Edition

The update is on a 7-day phased release on the Mac App Store, so you might not yet have it as an automatic update, but you can install it manually right away from PopClip’s app page.

If you are heading to the Mac App Store to install the update, please take a moment to click a star rating :star:.

Standalone Edition

If you run the standalone PopClip, you can trigger an update by un-checking and re-checking the Check for Updates checkbox.

Setapp Edition

The update will be automatically installed by Setapp. You can manually trigger the update by clicking “Check for Updates…” in the Setapp menu.


If you installed PopClip via homebrew, you can run brew upgrade popclip.