PopClip 2024.3 released

PopClip 2024.3 is now available on the PopClip website and on Setapp.

Note for Mac App Store customers

This update is not available via the Mac App Store. As I announced yesterday, PopClip is leaving the Mac App Store. However, you can receive this and future updates by migrating to the Standalone edition, for free.

What’s new


  • Fixed: Some icon images not appearing correctly in the PopClip bar.


  • Fixed: PopClip failing to open links and searches in browsers, in some circumstances.


  • Added: Search and Open Link now open in a background tab when holding Shift (⇧) (supported browsers only).

  • Added: The Search action can now be configured with an alternate search engine, activated by holding Option (⌥).

  • Added: Basic support for LibreWolf, Thorium, and Sigma OS browsers.

  • Fixed: In Safari, fixed an issue where a new tab launched from a Tab Group window would open in a different window.

  • Fixed: In Google Chrome, fixed an issue where a new tab launched from an Incognito window would open in a regular window.

  • Fixed: Improved compatibility with Anki, Telegram, Evernote, Figma, and OmniFocus 4.

  • Fixed: Erroneous behavior with the “Dvorak - QWERTY ⌘” keyboard layout.

  • Fixed: Minor bugs.

  • Localization: Added user-contributed Ukrainian user interface translation. PopClip is now available in 18 languages.

This release also includes new features for developing extensions. For more details, see the Developer Changelog.

Version information

  • App: PopClip, https://www.popclip.app/
  • Version: 2024.3 (4508), 2024.3.1 (4513) 2024.3.2 (4516)
  • Release date: March 20, 2024, March 24, 2024 March 27, 2024
  • Requirements: macOS version 10.15.7 and above; Apple Silicon or Intel processor.

Note for Setapp users

This update unifies the storage locations for preferences and extensions across all editions of PopClip, to make switching between editions seamless. The new locations are as shown in Paths and identifiers.

Terminal commands for preferences editing that used the identifier com.pilotmoon.popclip-setapp should now use the identifier com.pilotmoon.popclip instead, the same as for the Standalone edition.

Updating your existing app

Mac App Store Edition

To receive this update, please follow the migration instructions.

Standalone Edition

You can trigger an update by un-checking and re-checking the Check for Updates checkbox.

Setapp Edition

The update will be automatically installed by Setapp. You can manually trigger the update by clicking “Check for Updates…” in the Setapp menu.


If you installed PopClip via homebrew, you can run brew upgrade popclip.


Seamless migration. In fact, I didn’t have to do the settings permission; OS/x kept the accessibility setting from the prior (app store) version.
I bought the app store a long long long time ago. Shouldn’t I send you more money? Not only is it an incredibly useful, stable, ever improving app, the developer is conscientious, helpful, communicative, tolerant and a real sweetheart.

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Yes it’s nice that that works; It’s because both have the same bundle ID and are signed by certificates that Apple issued for same developer (i.e. me), so macOS sees them as equivalent for trust purposes.

No need at this point, but you are welcome to, by buying a license key. I’m still offering 50% discount for existing MAS customers if you email me your proof of purchase,

I am actually planning some kind of paid upgrade pricing at some (but not a subscription) and I expect I will make some future update require buying an renewed license for people who purchased >n years ago (for some value of n). Hope to come up with a fair and simple scheme. It makes sense to finally establish some recurring revenue beyond the initial purchase (business genius that I am not :upside_down_face:), to help ensure the future of PopClip. Being fully outside the store now will actually simplify that, so that’s an upside.

But for now I’m just making it free for everyone as that’s the easiest way during the transition.

Took a few tries to do the migration. I turned off Popclips instead of quitting the first time. Had to download again and start over, but it worked. Thanks.
One thing, you seem to have updated the Uppercase, Lowercase, Capitalize, Sentence case by spelling out the word instead of the old 2-letter icons AB, ab, Ab, but I use them all the time and the new form makes the menu very long for getting to the last one and beyond. Is there a way to make them symbols again?

For those extensions which changed from an icon to a word, you’ll just need to re-download the same extensions from the directory. You’ve got old versions of those extensions.

Cool. Thank you so much for your quick response. I do love this app.

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