PopClip Broken in Evernote 10

Good morning/afternoon/evening, Nick

I have a metric butt ton of PopClip extensions loaded, and they usually pop up obediently everywhere on my mac (MBP pro m2 pro running Sonoma), but the only extension that usually pops up is Paste=

Any tips for getting it to work in Evernote?

Evening, it is! Teatime really.

I better download Evernote and take a look…

Seems working OK for me. May I know the exact versions of PopClip and Evernote you are running?

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I just downloaded Evernote 10.62.2 and it appears PopClip is now behaving itself (what a scamp it is!). PopClip is build 4225.

Update: I did some further troubleshooting, and it appears to happen when i’m filtering my notes (i have a few of them). With no search filters in place, PopClip works normally. Now, does this make it PopClip’s fault, or Evernote’s fault? I’m unsure at this juncture.

Ah, yes, I find the same. If I’m using the Search box then PopClip doesn’t pop up. I can see what’s happening (the answer, btw, is kinda it’s Evernote’s fault because it’s not responding to the Accessibility API properly when in filter mode). However I can change PopClip to work in a different way in Evernote which will overcome this. I’ve shipped a beta with the fix as Build 4246. Give it a try and let me know how it shakes out!

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Dear Lord, Nick — you are fast! This works a charm!
Thank you so much, now go enjoy your tea before it gets cold.

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