PopClip doesn't recognise DuckDuckGo as a browser

Hi Nick!

When I use the “Search” function in DDG, it will open in Safari,
But when I use it in Edge or Brave, Firefox, it will remain in the same browser.
How can I fix this?
thank you!

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Ah, yes it's because DuckDuckGo browser is so new that PopClip doesn't know it is is a browser, so it sends the search to the default browser. It'll need a PopClip update. Keep an eye on the beta at https://pilotmoon.com/popclip/download — I'll update it soon. I'll post here as well if I remember :slight_smile:

@kxxc I'm going to need to know the Bundle ID of the DDG app. But I'm not on the private beta yet.

You could find it out for me in a number of ways. Probably the easiest way is to install this PopClip extension: https://github.com/pilotmoon/PopClip-Extensions/raw/master/extensions/BundleID.popclipextz

Then select some text in DDG and send me the identifier string that comes up.

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is there a file in PopClip app that I can change/add by myself?

It's in Config-Policy.plist but I suspect if you change it, it may fail the code signing check at startup.

Also I've just realised it's not clear which treatment I need to give DDG (for things like search, address bar detection, and grabbing the broswer URL and title). If it's Chromium based (?) it may well fit in 'other chrome-like group'. But I really need to test it myself think.

I've added myself to the waitlist but @kxxc if you or anyone else has an invite code (don't know if they hand those out?) that would be great..

The DuckDuckGo browser using the Mac's built-in browser engine instead of forking its own

just dm u a code

sorry for the inconvenience

No not at all, thank you for driving this. It makes PopClip better and I like to be ahead of new changes. If I don't do it now I'll get even more messages when it comes out of beta!!


The beta is out now; it’s build 3844, see PopClip Downloads

It works for the search and open links features in DuckDuckGo bvrowser.

However since DDG has no AppleScript interface (yet?) PopClip can’t get the page URL and title. Nor can it detect the browser’s auto-selecting address bar when you click on it, because they haven’t implement the Accessibility API for that part of the UI.

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Wow it works, thank you for your time!

Btw, I’m using Safari Compact lay out,
it also could not auto-selecting address bar when I click on it.

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Re. Safari — I originally made it work with the new tabs, and then they went and changed things and broke it again. The detection is quite fragile if they change anything.

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