PopClip Extension for Keyboard Maestro macros

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many Keyboard Maestro users have been waiting for such a possibility. Thank you @nick for the possibility to create individual PopClip Extensions :+1: :star_struck:

Here is a video on how to set up a Keyboard Maestro macro with PopClip…


Adding the SF-Symbols icon worked for me only under macOS Monterey. Under macOS Catalina only the name of the PopClip Extension is displayed!


Thanks @alexxander ! That’s a really helpful video.

And that macro you’re running is exactly what I’ve been hoping to do: translate selected text with the DeepL desktop app and show an option to copy to the clipboard. Sorry to be off topic for this forum, but is there a download link for that macro available? I tried to find it on the Keyboard Maestro forum, but with no success.

Anyway, thanks to you (and @nick !) for opening up the world of Keyboard Maestro + PopClip!


Hi @cfryal, please write me a direct message in the KM forum to @appleianer.

You will then receive the Deepl macro with a short explanation of the setup.

Thanks @alexxander !

I’ll PM you at the KM forum. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hi @cfryal, I’ll get to it that you can still create today with PopClip multi DeppL :wink:

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I don’t know how to code. Is there any way in which I can write a KM script that I can run as a pop clip extension to do the following:

Selecting Text in Apple Mail and adding that to a TASK in MS TO DO. There isn’t any ‘Keypress Extension’ in MS TODO. I thought KM was the only way in which I could get this done. Any other ideas for achieving the same outcome are welcome as well.

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Hi @dhanya here my idea to insert a text (not only from mail) in MS ToDo:


Under this link you will find the KM macro:

Please paste the KM URL as in the video above.

If you have more questions about KM macros, I also recommend the KM forum. There you can also share the macros directly :wink:

I imported the KM Macro into KM. In the video above, yo select the text, how do you invoke the menu on the right where you select MS TODO?

You can also reply on the KM Forum, I have sent you a message there as well. Look for a message from Yashodhan Khare

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@dhanya I will do :+1: