Popclip extension limit

I don’t understand why there is a limit on how many extensions we can have. Currently, the app forces me to delete downloaded extensions as soon as the limit is reached regardless of the number of “active” extensions. while I dont use ALL of the extensions all the time, it is always nice to have it downloaded for when I need to use, it will be accessible. If possible, the limit should only be applied to the currently active extensions that are checked and not the total number of extensions in the list. alternatively, please allow a workaround to allow extensions to be “archived” in a way without deleting them entirely.


why there is a limit on how many extensions we can have

The true answer is that the list in prefs can’t scroll and if it goes linger than a certain amount then the bottom item in the list will fall off the bottom of the screen. And so the current limit is based on the smallest typical screen size.

You may think that is ridiculous, I could not possibly comment :slight_smile:

However, you can increase the limit, see: Lots of extensions - expand the list - #4 by nick

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