Popclip freezes in pdf expert

Hi Nick!
When I select texts in PDF Expert, it freezes all the time. But after I disable popclip, it works fine.
I uploaded gifs to illustrate.

PopClip 22.5, macOS 12.4, PDF Expert 3.0.21 (831)

Hi :wave:t2:thanks for the report. Is it PopClip or PDF Expert that is freezing? You might be able to tell by looking in Activity Monitor.

And when that freeze happens, if I select texts in other programs, popclip window will not pop up.

In the activity monitor, the popclip does not show “Not Responding”.

Thanks for conforming. If PDF Expert is freezing, it would seem this is a bug in PDF Expert. I would recommend adding it to the excluded apps list in PopClip if you are having this trouble repeatedly.

However it may still be there is something I can do from my end. I’ll try and see if I can reproduce the problem.