PopClip menu sometimes appears without a drop shadow

This doesn’t happen every time, but occasionally PopClip appears with no drop-shadow.

I’m using the latest version (via Setapp), but I don’t think it’s just me as I noticed it in the gif used in this tweet: https://twitter.com/popclipapp/status/1529507778418692096 - the second evocation (when UpperCamelCase is selected) is lacking a drop-shadow whereas the others all have it.

It’s only a minor visual issue, and mostly only noticeable when the colour of the PopClip menu is the same as the background (for example, using the light theme on over a white background) but it bugs me a little each time I see it.

Just wondering if this a bug, or if there’s some reason for this I’m not seeing?

Hi @akaArchie , welcome to the forum. Yeah, I’ve noticed it sometimes too. It’s not supposed to happen.

Just happened to me again. If you or anyone can isolate a condition to reliably reproduce it, that would really help me track it down.