PopClip not coming back after unchecking Show in Menu Bar

After I hide the menu bar icon, pop clip (the actual popclip app interface not the popup when you copy something) doesn’t show up at all when i click on the popclip app in launchpad… i wanted to change some preferences and it’s inaccessible now… i still see the popup when i select something but can’t access the actual app

Oh no! Welcome to the forum @kevindiedev.

This is something I need to look at because it has happened a few times to people on Monterey and above. What is supposed to happen is that re-launching the app temporarily puts PopClip back in the menu bar. But it seems that isn’t happening for you.

Here’s what I’d like you to try:

1) Quit PopClip (since you can’t access the controls, you can use Activity Monitor to do that, or type killall PopClip in Terminal) and then paste the following command in Terminal:

defaults write com.pilotmoon.popclip NMStatusItemHideIcon -bool NO

then restart PopClip - it should hopefully come back in the menu bar.

2) Failing that - do you have any menu-bar managers running like Bartender, Vanilla, Hidden Bar? Those can sometimes throw a spanner in the works.