Popclip not working with pdf expert 3

Hi there!
Popclip randomly appears and disappear while using pdf expert 3. I have a MacBook pro m1, mac os ventura 13.01 and the latest versions of both popclip and pdf expert

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I recommend setting a keyboard shortcut in PopClip so you can activate it in apps where it doesn’t appear, e.g. PDF Expert 3.

(PDF Expert 3 has been the most troublesome app. every few months they change something to break PopClip!)

is it possible to activate a shortcut to trigger an extension? I heavily rely on scrivener

No, only to trigger PopClip itself, not for individual extensions.

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Download and double click this file. It will reconfigure PopClip, and hopefully will recognise your PDF Expert properly.

Mac App Store and Standalone editions (v2022.12):
4069-002.popclipconfig (639 Bytes)

Setapp edition (v2023.1):
4127-001.popclipconfig (639 Bytes)

The config file also fixed the problem for me. Thank you!

Apple M1 Pro
Ventura 13.2.1 (22D68)
PDF Expert Version 3.0.36 (902)

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Thanks for letting me know! I’ve also added a link to a config file for the current Setapp version.