PopClip on iPhone

I have been using PopClip for a while and with TextSniper I cannot do without PopClip. I’m a French retired person, not a techie per say but above average if this means anything. To make a long story short, I use my MacBook Pro M1 Max all day long together with my iPhone and iPad. I have been dreaming of PopClip on iPhone/iPad, since every time I use them I miss the fonctions of PopClip. Any idea if my dream could come true ? Give me some hope… Kind regards,

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I don’t think I can give much hope! :cry: The way iOS works, it’s a lot more lcoked down and apps can’t do the kind of things they can do on the Mac. PopClip couldn’t exist in the form it does on the Mac.

That said, with PopClip’s new JavaScript engine for extensions, PopClip could probably exist in some form on iOS. :iphone: It wouldn’t just show up when you select text though. Instead it would be an app that you could send things to from other apps. Probably you would have to activate a shortcut or share sheet, I don’t know… but this is just speculation in the moment and I have really no plans for the above. I’m focused on the Mac app.

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Thank you very much for your answer. I was not expecting this would work but I tried !!!