PopClip on macOS Sonoma

After a bit of a delay (my regular testing laptop was too old!) I now have macOS 14.0 Sonoma Beta 3 up and running and have been testing PopClip on it.

Based on a quick test, PopClip seems to be working OK on Somona in its basic functions. I have had no reports about any issues yet, either.

However, there may yet be things that reveal themselves in time. Please do let me know if you happen to be testing Sonoma and you run into any issues.

I’ll update this thread in case of any issues found.

Please note, the above is just for information. PopClip is not yet “officially” supported on Sonoma. It’s a macOS beta release intended for developers to test against and I don’t recommend running Sonoma as your primary OS yet.


Just got a new Mac Studio M2 Max, running OS Sonoma (not sure of # because it’s still in transit) Will PopClip now work?

Yes! Fully compatible with that set up.

Enjoy the new Studio Max, should be a speedy one!!

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Thank you Nick! I love PoPClip! :slight_smile: