PopClip Rarely Activating

I find the PopClip menu rarely activates when I select text. The programs I use most often in my workflow are OneNote, OmniFocus, Outlook, Teams, DEVONThink, and Safari. PopClip only seems to activate in Safari. This has been going on for months. I select text and the PopClip menu simply doesn’t appear. Does anyone have any ideas on how to troubleshoot this issue?

PopClip 2022.5, macOS 12.5.1

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Might not be much help, just another anecdotal report. I don’t use many of the apps you do, but it works fine for me in Devonthink and Safari.

That said, on occasions the menu just won’t pop up, especially in Mail. But I find if I click elsewhere and then reselect, or even switch to a different app for a moment and then come back, it will work.

There are some circumstances where it just won’t trigger. Notably, if I’m trying to type in a comment field on a webpage that apparently is highly scripted. Looks like the script is interfering somehow, like there’s some sort of epic struggle going on behind the scenes, between invisible forces. Makes for some interesting mental images, which for some reason remind me of Monty Python’s Holy Grail.

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Further to my earlier reply, a couple of things that might help if you haven’t tried them already.

  1. Uninstall PopClip, shut down, safe boot, restart, reinstall PopClip. Maybe that will clear out some cache or something that’s interfering.

  2. Do you have some other utility that might be interfering? To test, create a new user and install PopClip but nothing else and see if you can reproduce the problem. If it works there, that means something at your user level in the main account is getting in the way.

  3. If it still misbehaves, it might be something at the system level. What I would do in that case is investigate the Usual Suspects folders in the root level library: Application Support, LaunchAgents, LaunchDemons, StartupItems, and possibly Preferences and PreferencePanes. Always, if you don’t know what it is, don’t delete it, at least not without investigating carefully.


Thanks. Very helpful. I’ll give it a try.

If you are still having problems, one thing that you can do is option(⌥)-click the PopClip menu bar icon to reveal a debug window. Then record a short screen video (with QuickTime Player or similar) showing the fault and with the debug window showing. Then send me the vid - if it’s a big file, you can use Dropbox - Submit files

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