Popclip seems to be clashing with Arc browser

I encountered a similar issue where using Popclip with the Arc browser might occasionally cause Arc to clash:


When Popclip is disabled, the Arc browser works without any problems.

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? Are there any solutions?

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Thank you for posting baout this @IiWillsmith and welcome to the forum.

Whenever any app is reacting badly to PopClip, the best thing to do is add it to PopClip’s Excluded Apps List

CleanShot 2024-05-15 at 08.56.23@2x

This should prevent any problems in that app.

Even when excluded, you can still use PopClip in that app by activating PopClip with its keyboard shortcut.

Re. Arc specifcally: For me, Arc sees to work fine alongside PopClip in Arc and I think(?) it does for many other users. I dont know what is causing the instability in some cases. (Perhaps it might be due to using certain Arc plugins?)

I would like to invite Arc users to comment on their own experience using it with PopClip, so as to build a picture of the situation.