PopClip stops working

Popclip (2021.11) stops working for me, intermittently and at random times and seems to not be application specific. This usually happens once during the course of a typical workday. Turning it on/off doesn’t fix it, but quitting it completely and re-launching it seems to get it working again. I’m on an M1 MacBook Pro running Monterey 12.2.1.

Thanks for the report and welcome to the forum @sixbillships.

To help me figure out what’s happening, next time it happens can you do the following. Option(⌥)-click the PopClip menu bar icon to reveal a debug window. Then record a short screen video (with QuickTime Player or similar) showing the fault and with the debug window showing. Then send me the vid - either here on the forum or to support@pilotmoon.com (if it’s a big file, you can use Dropbox - Submit files).

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I notice this occasionally too. Usually I can get it working again by switching to another app and then back, or quitting and re-launching popclip. Based on what I read in another thread a minute ago, I’m going to start paying attention to the type of cursor involved. If it’s not the cursor, then I’ll try the troubleshooting suggested by Nick.