PopClip uses a lot RAM

Hi, since some days I check Activity Monitor to see how Firefox behaves. Now I’m quite surprised to see PopClip with currently 1.47 GB (after 8 hours uptime). Not sure whether that’s expected behaviour.

I use some AppleScript(ObjC) scripts via PopClip and know from another forum that its garbage collection is quite poor. Maybe that explains it?

PopClip 2022.12
macOS 13.3.1 (ARM64E)

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Now it uses 3.05 GB :flushed:

Yeah, it’s not supposed to do that :flushed:

t seems there must be a memory leak triggered by certain conditions.

It it possible you could post me an example of one of the scripts you use which might help my testing.

See A BBEdit Codeless Language Module for Tinderbox Action Code.

Can I do something else, e.g. using some logging tool?