Possible to create an anki card using popclip?


I wondered if it is possible to have an extension like this:

  1. Search the selected text (a word) through a website (potentially google translator, or google dictionary would be better, any dictionary would work).
  2. Get the results of translation/dictionary.
  3. Create an anki card in which the front page is the selected text and the back page is the results in No. 2.

There used to be unofficial solution on Github (look through Youdao dictionary, which works for English to Chinese). But the addon is not working anymore and the developer is not updating that. Very unfortunate.

It would be great if we can have this as an official addon.


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That would be mighty useful - there is a huge use case for sure

Sounds great, added this to my enormous ideas pile. If anyone can come up with something in the mean time please post!

You can try this one I created Release Anki PopClip Extension 0.2.1 · cdpath/anki_tools · GitHub