[Problem] PopClip taking forever when using actions in browser

By email:

I get a loading circle when using actions in the Vivaldi browser, and it takes forever to complete the action… That did not happen on my older version [of PopClip].

It sounds like Vivaldi taking a long time to process the AppleScript call that PopClip now uses (since version 2024.3) to open tabs in browsers. I have had reports of this problem in Chrome too. This will affect all actions that need to open a browser page.

If this happens, you can disable tab scripting by running the following command from Terminal:

defaults write com.pilotmoon.popclip DisableBrowserTabScripts -bool YES

Note that after disabling tab scripts:

  • Browsers will no longer be able to open pages in background tab by holding shift
  • Browsers may open links opened from Private/Incognito windows in regular windows

…which was the reason scripting was used starting from 2024.3.

I don’t know the root cause of this endless spinner, but it seems to be an issue in the browser itself rather than PopClip, so I am limited in what I can do about it. I have had reports of the problem magically going away (maybe on upgrading / reinstalling browser?)

That makes sense.
It happens on actions that do not open new tabs as well though. Does that change your troubleshooting assumption/approach?
I have the same issue when using the “title case”, and sentence/upper/lower case actions. Both when the text selected is in the URL bar or in a google search bar. I also have a custom snippet that converts periods,plus signs and such to spaces for correcting file naming and such. That triggers it as well.
It hangs on the apple map search, new imessage, ‘say’ speak text, function as well. It works fine on the copy/paste variations and numerous others that do not involve opening a vivaldi browser page.

It does make a difference. In that case, it seems like somehting else is wrong.

To help me understand the problem, could you record a short screen video (with QuickTime Player or similar) showing the fault?

Before starting the video, please Option-click the PopClip menu bar icon. This will show a debug window. Drag the debug window fairly big then record a video of you doing the action that is failing, with the debug window output showing in the video.

Then send me the video. If it’s a big file, you can drop it to me at https://www.dropbox.com/request/QZit2LMzPZsQc09tjBsi

Screen recording made. Uploaded to the dropbox link you posted. Named “Popclip Screen Recording 2024-06-23 at 8.34.43 PM”
It is 720p, I can make a higher res version if its difficult to read

Thank you. And can I check, it is only in Vivaldi that this happens? Is it working normally in other apps, and other browsers?

Only Vivaldi. I just uploaded an additional screen recording “Popclip 2 Screen Recording 2024-06-24 at 9.00.43 AM” to show it in safari and firefox working just fine.

Thank you. I have sent you a message.