Request: Add to Goodtask?

Would it be possible to generate a Clip that could add a task into Goodtask, with the Clip being able to specify the category, priority, due date, etc?

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Thanks for suggestion, it looks doable on the surface of it. I notice I had a couple of other asks for this one too.

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Cheers Nick, it would stop me (and others I guess) from having to do it via Reminders. It’d be cool if the default options could be configured.

This would really be nice!

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Looks like a lot of us use Goodtask :slight_smile:


Hey all, I’d love to have a GoodTask extension too! :blush: Something that could input a selected text into GoodTask’s quick add window would be fine.

May I ask if it was already made? I couldn’t find it in the Extensions page. Many thanks.