Request for History Feature in PopClip

Is it possible to provide a history log to track the texts on which I have performed PopClip operations?
This would enable me to repeat these operations again.
A relatively simple method would be to copy all the texts to the clipboard, allowing me to view the historical records through the clipboard’s functionality.

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That’s an interesting suggestion, thank you. I have had many requests for clipboard history but a log of manipulated texts (and possibly also actions performed) I have not heard suggested before. I would class this as major feature so not a quick add any time soon, but I will giver it some serious thought.

I use a little utility called Clipboard History that can save at least 100 recent clipboard actions. In my experience, everything I do with PopClip shows up there. Of course, regular clipboard actions do too.

Thank you for your reply. I also use the clipboard, but the operations with PopClip (the selected content) do not get copied to the clipboard. I’m wondering how you managed to do that?

I assure you it was not intentional, it just started happening at some point—I don’t know if that was because of an update to the operating system or PopClip or Clipboard History. I actually wrote to Nick asking if I could make it stop: Suddenly, selected text is copied to clipboard

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Got it, interesting experience :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing!