Request: Look up words with a third party dictionary

I want to look up a selected word using a third-party dictionary app “DIctionaries”.

My scenario:

  1. Select a word (copy)
  2. Launch the “Dictionaries” app
  3. Search (paste the word and press Enter key)
  4. Add to Bookmark (if possible)

I wonder how to realize it.
It would be greatly appreciated if someone could make this Snippet.

Hi @aufsteigender, welcome. Could you post a link to the app?
I know of but this appears to be a different app to the one in the screenshot.

Edit: I found it, on the App Store of course (

OK, I haven’t actually tested it properly (those dictionaries aren’t cheap!!) but the app installs a macOS Service called “Look Up in Dictionaries” so it should be straightforward:

name: Dictionaries
icon: iconify:fluent-mdl2:dictionary
service name: Look Up in Dictionaries

I haven’t realized it before. Thank you ever so much!

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