Searching and Tab Groups


Wasn’t sure if this is a bug/known issue/specific to me so I thought I’d post it in general first.

I’ve found that if I start a search in Safari (using DuckDuckGo in my case but I don’t think it matters) and the Safari window is part of a tab group then the search opens in a whole new window HOWEVER if I open a new Safari window that is not part of a tab group and do the same the search opens up in a new tab on that page.

I don’t believe I have any other settings that might be causing this and it is 100% reproducible every single time.

Anyone else? Apologies if this has already been brought up, I couldn’t find any references to it.


HI Andy, welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. You’re the first to report this.
I’ve just done a quick test and I can confirm I’m seeing the same behaviour.

Unfortunately I’m not sure how to do anything about it. The choice of tab to open is actually made by Safari itself since PopClip only asks Safari to open the URL, but doesn’t have direct control over where it opens.

If anyone has any ideas, please share…

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Hi Nick and thanks for responding!

Ah well never mind, it’s certainly way down on my list of things that annoy me so I’m sure I can live with it!

Thanks again!

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