Send selected text to Grammarly

I was hoping to build my app, but I had no success.
Could you help me build a tool to select text and then send it to the Grammarly website or app to be checked?


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Hi, normally I would say “totally” but in Grammarly’s case I don’t think they have any mechanism for PopClip to send text either into their website or app.

It’s frustrating because I received countless requests for Grammarly extension over the years. Have contacted their support to request a “Send to” feature (system service, apple script, url scheme) in the past, but they don’t seem to be interested in third-party integration except for their own browser plug-ins.

Could it send text to here?

It could open the page for you but not put the text in the box, though I guess an applescript could simulate pasting in the box. It would be a bit ropey but might work.