Send text to Google Translator app

I created an extension that sends selected text to the Google Translate app, which I downloaded from Google Chrome. The extension works well initially, but after a few hours, when I try to send another text, the extension stops working (it shows only a blank window, with no text to translate) until I delete the cached files from my Home/library directory. Can anybody, please, help me to make the extension work as expected?
Here is the script of the extension I have, with the name of the Google Translator app being ‘GGG’:

name: Send to Google Translator app
icon: GGG
applescript: |
  set selectedText to "{popclip text}"
  -- Copy the selected text to the clipboard
  set the clipboard to selectedText
  -- Activate the Google Translator app
  tell application "GGG"
  end tell
  -- Simulate the keyboard shortcut to trigger translation (e.g., Command+V)
  tell application "System Events"
   	keystroke "a" using {command down}
  	Delay 0.5
    keystroke "v" using {command down}
  end tell

Thank you all for help.