Sequentially Paste Higher/Lower item in List (For Clipboard Managers)

I use my clipboard manager and the “Paste+Enter” extension religiously, so I wanted to see if I could find a way to be even more efficient (read: lazier) when pasting a bunch of things sequentially in a list. This lets you do so without having to use the keyboard.

Note: This only works if your clipboard manager has a global shortcut for commands similar to these:

  • Paste higher item in current list - Paste lower item in current list
  • Paste newer item in history - Paste older item in history

This is a simple keypress that triggers a global shortcut (mine is ⌥ + ] ) for the the “paste higher item” command in Copy 'Em (Only other app I’ve tried is CopyQ which had similar features), followed by hitting enter to start a new line. And it’s set to only show up when no text is selected, just like the other paste extensions.

name: Paste ↑
icon: iconify:material-symbols:move-up
key combo: option ]
after: return
requirements: ['!text']

# popclip 
name: Paste ↓
icon: iconify:material-symbols:move-down
key combo: option [
after: return
requirements: ['!text']